The application for the 18th International Sand Sculpture festival “SUMMER SIGNS 2024”, which will take place in Jelgava from June 1st to June 8th, is open! 

Sculptors will bring to life this year’s theme Fairy Tales of the World” by using sand. Artists are invited to apply by filling out the official application form until April 8th.

The goal of the topic “Fairy Tales of the World” is to honour the significance of fairy tales in artistic creations that span generations, cultures, and centuries. They are folk creations (folklore) or a literary composition with a fantastic plot that tells about fictional, impossible, incredible events and phenomena. Every nation’s culture, which is derived from its own mythology, folklore, myths, and fairy tales and which encapsulates the nation’s cumulative experience, customs, ideals, and worldview, is what makes each nation distinct and uniqueness. Folktale boundaries have been crossed by writers today; this is known as fantasy literature, and it combines characters from several folktales into a single narrative. The emergence of the literary fairy tale is linked to people’s predisposition to believe in miracles. Fairy stories provide solutions and answers for both adults and children, inspiring love, interest and curiosity about life.

We welcome sculptors to explore the world of fairy tales and produce sculptures inspired by myths and legends, folklore figures, and fairy tale characters. Travel through time and throughout the globe! Heroes’ fortunes and experiences. Wonders that would allow sculpture park visitors to immerse themselves in the magical fantasy world of fairy tales while introducing their own individual point of view, message or twist.                 

According to the European Union, artists from Russia and Belarus, as well as citizens of Russia or Belarus, who represent another country, may not participate in the sand sculpture competition and festival.

CV (PDF format only)*
Artist photo*

In color, in JPG format, which will be used for publicity materials and ID cards

Copy of passport or ID card
Sketch project*

Sketches should be submitted in two-sided views, indicating the height, width and emphasizing the top view, in JPG format, indicating the sculpture's parameters, name and author.

Technical installation plan*

The technical installation plan of the forms must be submitted according to the dimensions of the forms offered by the organizers

3 photos of the last sand sculptures*