(Cukura street 22)
The "Dance House" of Jelgava state city municipal institution "Kultūra" offers high-quality and versatile physical activities for both children and adults. Come and learn different dance styles and sports together. 

In the center there are cozy, bright and spacious rooms - the big hall, the ballet hall and the TRX hall.


Jelgava municipal institution "Kultūra" owns real estate at Cukura street 22, Jelgava (Deju nams), we invite potential tenants to apply for premises lease.

The premises are suitable for providing sports, dance and other classes and services. Available spaces for rent – Great hall (332 m2), office space (33 m2), ballet hall (121 m2), acrobatics hall (145.5 m2), teacher's room (71.8 m2).

Times available for rent - every working day from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The minimum rental time of the premises is 1 hour, prior to coordinating the times with the responsible person of JVPI "Kultūra".

Room rental price list:

Phone for inquiries - 28286316

FOR COMMUNICATION +371 28363154 ,

Cukura street 22, Jelgava