"Jelgava state city municipal institution "Kultūra" is the largest organizer of cultural life in the city of Jelgava, responsible for the city's culture and recreation, providing at least twenty large-scale events per month. We have become the strongest event organizer in the whole of Zemgale.

The "Kultūra" institution was founded in January 2002, reorganizing and combining the Culture Center of the Jelgava City Council, two cultural houses of the city and an open-air stage. By increasing not only qualitative indicators, but also by covering ever larger geographical horizons and attracting visitors of all different generations. We are determined to take care of cultural and recreational life in our city in the future as well, so that every event is like a great and interesting adventure. An exciting event! An adventure to remember! An event to relax in! A celebration to be proud of! The institution "Kultūra" is open to new ideas and proposals, because for us it is a labor of love!

The most important events organized by JVPI "Kultūra" include the International Ice Sculpture Festival, the International Sand Sculpture Festival, the General Latvian Milk, Honey and Bread Festival, Milk Parcel Boat Regatta, Plant Days and Jelgava City Festival. For many years, the Jelgava House of Culture has been cooperating with the largest professional theaters in Latvia, whose guest performances are regularly offered for the evaluation of Jelgava residents. Concerts with well-known musicians in Latvia are also organized.

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Jelgava - a city where everyone has access to a wide variety of cultural events, where residents of Jelgava and guests of the city are offered a wide and high-quality range of municipal cultural events and events.

Therefore, our responsibilities include:

  • Planning, organizing and coordinating cultural life in the city of Jelgava;
  • development and implementation of Jelgava city's cultural policy;
  • Identifying, preserving and promoting the development of intangible cultural heritage;
  • Organize entertainment, cultural and art projects of local, national and international importance;
  • To coordinate the organizational work and the support provided by the municipality to artistic collectives and two professional collectives - "Jelgava bigbends" and "Jelgavas Kamerorķestris";
  • Maintenance and preservation of cultural infrastructure;
  • To carry out other tasks assigned to the Institution by the decisions of the Jelgava City Council


The former and first House of Culture was located on Filozofu street, later it changed its location closer to the city center - in the sports house Daugava, until in 1963 the Jelgava House of Culture opened its doors to visitors for the first time.

Until the opening of the Culture House, Jelgava Latvian Society was responsible for the cultural field. During these years, the Jelgava House of Culture has "grown" both in terms of visitors and also in its visual image, because from 2003 the interior and the facade of the building were renovated. JPPI "Kultūra" was established in 2002 by combining the cultural center of the Jelgava city council, the Jelgava Culture House and the "Rota" cultural house.

The Jelgava House of Culture has four halls - the Large Audience Hall with 670 seats, the Dance Hall, the Small Hall and the Conference Hall, where events of various scales are held. Rehearsals are also held in the cultural house, and various exhibitions are regularly held in the lobbies. Today, 31 amateur art groups and 2 professional collectives have found a home here.