Children's vocal ensemble "Rotiņa"


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The children's vocal ensemble "Rotiņa" was founded in 1996 and has been led by Agija Pizika since its inception. The ensemble currently has around 40 children aged 3 to 13 singing in several groups.

Every year, the ensemble participates in the Republic's ensemble shows, where it has received first and second degree diplomas.

Christmas concerts in the church, concerts dedicated to Mother's Day, November 18 concerts for Jelgava Latvian Society have become a tradition of the ensemble. "Rotiņa" has participated in the concerts of Laura Reinik, Jānis Stībeļas, "Čikāgas piecīši", Igo and the group "Otra puse".

Rotiņa has filled city events with her songs, and has given joy at various concerts and projects in the city of Jelgava. "Rotiņa" is a friendly, cheerful and song-loving team.

Achievements of the children's vocal ensemble "Rotiņa":
·         In 2011, won 2nd place in the Republic in the group of children's ensembles.
·         In 2012, when the middle and senior group merged, Rotiņa participated in the Sarptautic choir competition in Belgium, Neerpelt, where she got a 1st grade diploma.
·         In 2013, won 1st place in the vocal ensemble competition "Voices".
·         In 2013, 2nd place in the international choir competition "Cracovia Cantans" in Poland.
·         In 2013, participated in the General Song Festival project "Jūrinė", together with the 6 best Latvian children's ensembles.
·         In 2015, in the international vocal ensemble competition "Silver Bells" in Daugavpils, he won 2nd place in his age group.
·         On May 4, 2015, participated in the project "Strength songs for Jelgava", dedicated to the 750th anniversary of Jelgava.
·         In March 2016, the competition "Voices" II level.
·         In March 2016, Silver diploma, II degree in the Jázeps Vītolas Music Academy competition "Lai skan".
·         February 2016 vocal competition "Pearl rain" 2nd place and 3rd place.
·         In June 2016, the 20th anniversary of "Rotiņas" was celebrated with a concert at Jelgava State Gymnasium.
·         February 26, 2017 musical show "I want" created by "Rotiņas" children.
·         In March 2017, he won the 2nd grade diploma at the vocal ensemble competition "Voices 2017" in Ķekava.

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