World hits will echo in sand art! Application for the International Sand Sculpture Festival has been announced

19. March, 2023.

Applications have been announced for the 17th International Sand Sculpture Festival "Summer Signs 2023", which will be held in Jelgava from June 3 to 10. Sculptors will bring to life the theme "World Hits" in the sand. Artists are invited to apply for the festival by filling out the official application form on the website until April 9.

 "Probably, while we are reading this text, somewhere in the world a new song is being created. It might get recorded, it might gain international recognition, but it might never reach a wider audience. The world is full of music - from the classics to today's popular music, but only a small part of these compositions live over time without losing their relevance and ability to appeal. They are world music hits where a genius message intertwines with a catchy melody. Songs that several generations know and sing along to. We want to invite sculptors to find one world hit and create a tangible reflection of it, which is able to appeal and "draw in" just like the specific song," says the festival announcement. The institution "Kultūra" invites sculptors to see something more than a performer behind a particular world hit.

The jury commission will select 15 sculptors to participate in the festival, who will have the opportunity to realize their sketches in sand. Sculptors can submit sketch projects on the website until April 9. The regulations of the festival are also available there. When considering the applications, the reflection of the theme, the artistic expression, as well as the sculptor's understanding of the technical realization of the idea will be evaluated.

The selected artists will work in the sand sculpture park on Post Island from June 4 to June 8, but everyone will be able to appreciate the work of the sculptors from June 10.

The international sand sculpture festival is organized by the city of Jelgava and the municipal institution "Kultūra". More information about the festival on the websites and