In Jelgava, the most important achievements of Latvians in the world will come to life in sand art works

19. May, 2021.

Looking into the most significant events of world history and today, in Jelgava we will honor the most ambitious achievements of Latvians in large-format sand art works - Marko Rothko, "Minox" camera, the prototype of Crocodile Dundee, the world's first hologram, "Levis" jeans, Kristaps Porziņgis, etc. Celebrating 15 years since the first sand sculpture festival in Jelgava and continuing the format started last year, the most ambitious sand sculpture park in the Baltics will be opened to Jelgava residents and city guests throughout the summer. Opening of the park on June 19. 

An idea has great power. But even more important is the right time and place, leaving a mark in history and birthing a legend. Such ideas and works have been marked on the world map by our compatriots - Latvians. Telling about legends - significant historical and modern events. This year, the theme "Latvians in the world - from an idea to a legend" has been chosen for the sand sculpture park.

Sand art works will be made in Jelgava for the 15th year

The sand sculpture park, just like the legendary inventions and works of Latvians, started 15 years ago with an idea that has already been realized today in the most ambitious sand sculpture park in the Baltics. During the festival, more than 218 sculptures were created by 97 professional sculptors from 25 countries. During 15 years, such festival themes as "Court Feast", dedicated to the 270th anniversary of Jelgava Castle, World of Wonders, Time Travel, Circus, Sporting Spirit, Golden Age, Cinema, Future after 750 years, Africa, Theater, World of Animals, The ancient world and Jelgava 755.

Initially, when the festivals took place in Uzvaras Park, more than 400 tons of sand were used to create the sculptures every year. But as the festival grew, it moved to Post Island in 2015, where a 75 x 50 meter wide sand park was created from more than 900 tons of sand. Today, more than 1,200 tons of sand are used to create the sculptures each year.

The ultimate sand sculpture

Also this year, the author and manager of the park's artistic concept is one of the world's most renowned sculptors, Kārlis Īle, who together with 6 artists from Latvia will create an amazing world of sand art in Jelgava. The artists will start work on the creation of sculptures already on June 2.

Specially honoring the important achievements of Latvians, this year one of the largest sand sculptures created in Jelgava will be displayed in the park. The largest and also the tallest work of art will be the demo sculpture of the park, which will be more than 6 meters wide and 6 meters high, depicting the basketball player Kristaps Porzingis.

From an idea to a legend!

Inviting you to get to know the historically significant achievements of Latvians in the world, in Jelgava, in the sand sculpture park, this year we will meet such legends and inventions in one place as - the camera "Minox" created by Walter Capa; Crocodile Dundee prototype Arvid Blumenthal; "Porsche" brand created by Anatola Lapina more than 20 years ago; Philip Halsman, creator of portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Dali and Albert Einstein; Anna Kopchovski, the first woman who traveled the world by bicycle; The world's first hologram created by Jura Upatnieks; Marko Rothko; The owner of the tobacco pipe construction patent, Kārli Pētersonas, etc.

In addition to the historical events not included in the sculptures, the park area will be supplemented with various tablets and photo objects that will tell about the achievements of Latvians in the world.

On May 5, in Jelgava, on the island of Pasta, the preparation and tamping of the technical foundations of the sculptures was started, so that on June 2, the artists could start working on the creation of sand art works. On the other hand, until May 22, restoration works will also be carried out - for the demo sculpture created last year - the big coat of arms of the city of Jelgava, thus preparing it for the Jelgava city festival, which will experience its climax from May 28 to 29. The park is open from June 19 throughout the summer.

After the opening of the park, the artists, in parallel with the already created sculptures, will continue their work on supplementing it with new sculptural wonders, allowing every resident of Jelgava and city visitor to take a look at the process of creating sand art.

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The International Sand Sculpture Park is created by the city of Jelgava and the "Kultūra" institution, supported by SIA "Ramirent".